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Italian Cycles

Only Pinarellos... We are fan club!

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Beautiful Cycles

We build cycles with passion & care

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The Passion And Fun

At Beautiful Cycles, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a superior, personalized products and services. We take pride in every cycle we assemble. We don't mass assemble cycles. Actually more time is spend selecting a beautiful frame, sometimes customizing it, right components and wheels. Here each build is done with passion, attention to details and care. 

Ever since we’ve founded our online-store, we had one goal in mind: building awesome cycles that motivates to ride daily. Performance should not be limited by cost, so we choose components that provide maximum value of weight, performance & cost.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our store, or just drop a note on what you think!

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Speed, Comfort, $$

Pinarello Dogmas are fast, compliant but stiff and curvaceous. The aero but light frames are perfect for any type of climbing. We pair these brand new  frames with the best 12 speed electronic group-set from SRAM. We mix-match between RIVAL eTap AXS & Force eTap AXS to pick the best of both and best price point. 

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A Bit About Us

Our History

We love to ride. Luckily, we are in an amazing NorCal city where there are plenty of trails, and some really good climbs, and the weather is great throughout the year. The roads are teaming with bikers -old, young, throughout the week.

We have been supporting our friends, and community - fixing cycles, building racing bicycles, and upgrading components etc. We have now focused on building road cycles, mostly with SRAM and Shimano group sets. We inspire to build bikes that are fast, light, but most importantly beautiful - inviting us to ride out every day.

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San Francisco, CA

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